What Our Clients Say

"In this ever changing field where technologies are rapidly evolving, it becomes more and more difficult
to keep up with the constant changes. It soon becomes absolutely imperative that organizations find
business partners and or solutions that can help with these ever increasing demands. We have had
many consultant firms throughout the years, and I have to say the Richter Consulting has succeeded in
every challenge we have given them. You will find that the future challenges you face will seem
effortless when you have the extraordinary abilities of Richter consulting.
We will continue to use Richter Consulting in the future and I for one can highly recommend them.
Their response time is well above average, and the issues have always been resolved quickly and
accurately. I cannot think of anything else one could ask for from a consultant firm."

Clerk of Courts of Volusia County
Brian Latisi

"Here at EG of Florida Inc we are proud to say that we have used the services of Richter Consulting, LLC over the past few years and can say they have proven remarkable customer service and attention to any and all problems that arise. Richter Consulting, LLc. maintains all our email security and our networking and not once have we encountered a problem that they were not capable of resolving.  Available at all times, their customer service has been outstanding and we here at EG of Florida would not hesitate to recommend their services to others."

E/G of Florida, Inc.
Insurance and Risk Management
Van Anglin

"We write to you with pleasure on behalf of Richter Consulting, LLC. who has been handling our business account for over 4 years. I am in charge of the computer systems here at CBS, Inc., managing graphics, bookkeeping and networking systems. Richter Consulting, LLC. has demonstrated that they are dedicated and knowledgeable in such systems ranging from our email system security to advanced networking.

Most recently, December of 2004, at the urging of Peter Richter of Richter Consulting, we purchased a new HP Server. We now have a great “safety net” that we never before enjoyed, including double and triple back up systems, and networking between our workstations and printers that we never though possible.

With a most recent hard drive failure on the main bookkeeping workstation, the Server proved to be invaluable to us. Richter Consulting had us back up in hours instead of days with NO loss of data! We have other happy stories of how Richter Consulting and our HP Server, “saved the day” with remote access capability and basically having all data in a safe secure system. Which leads to another topic of the “synchronizing” and “off line file” options that are now available to us and incredibly convenient!

Richter Consulting has been available for immediate response since the system was installed, and we very much appreciate the personal attention and superior networking knowledge that have been provided to us.

Bottom line, with clients like Pepsi-Cola and 7Up, computer down time is not an option, and we greatly respect and thank Richter Consulting for turning our old, inadequate computer system into the latest and greatest in speed, security and networking."

(CBS) Contemporary Beverage Services, Inc.
Michelle V. Farrell

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